About Us

Bollywood Indian Restaurant is a fine Indian Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, named after India’s huge film industry. It is an Indian restaurant with an ample.

We proudly invite you to try a very popular Indian dish called Chicken Tikka Massala, (fresh white meat chicken cooked with special massala sauce; flavorful, rich, tomato based sauce with ground almond and fresh herbs). It is simply one of the best massalas in greater LA. You will enjoy it, we guarantee it!

Another one of our great plates is the Mix Tandoori Platter. We use an Indian clay oven called a Tandoor, giving you authentic Indian seasoned Baked Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kabab, Fish Tikka, and of course the best tasting Shrimp Tandoori.

We also have a variety of vegetable dishes. The most popular dishes are, Sag Pa-Neer (creamy, chopped spinach cooked with homemade cheese), And Mixed- Vegetable Korma (creamy mix-veg, curry cooked with ground spices and fresh herbs).

Also make sure to try our Lamb Vindaloo. ( a very spicy, flavorful lamb curry cooked with couple of pieces potatoes and fresh herbs and spices ) It is just the right choice for the spicy eater!

We are here to prepare your food fresh, healthy and just the way you want it….…mild, medium, spicy and very spicy